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Originally Posted by Burke the Legend View Post
Hockey fans can be such whiny *****es. So what your season was delayed by 3 months?? Like that entitles you to some special grudge?? Happens all the time with other entertainment like TV series and movies when there's production issues, contract issues, actor health problems, audience size considerations, etc.

If you really love hockey you woulda just been playing more shinny or watching local lower level hockey during the time you would normally be watching NHL games, not the end of the world.

Expecting the NHL to be begging you to come back is so self indulgent and narcissistic. It's just an entertainment production not some kind of sprititual right.
I watched 2 or 3 games a week thanks to tva sports/vox tv LHJMQ and Bulldogs broadcast and the classic games on rds. 1 or 2 a day during the holidays with the WJC and Spengler cup. Managed to go see half a dozen games in the LHJMQ. Played 3 to 5 games a week in beer leagues and followed the progression of our prospects through this site. No idea why you bring the tv or movies argument, I don't give a **** about either of those.

Still, it does not replace watching our Habs, watching teams play in the best league in the world. For months it seemed like they were not trying that hard to get a deal done and all that because they wouldn't agree on how rich they should be? No one is asking the league to beg us to come back, we would just like to believe, in this case, that the Montreal Canadiens do care about their fans. Of course the best way to do so is by icing the best team possible but that is just the minimum that should be expected from any team in any year, lockout or not. No matter what, the bell center is going to be full but they have the chance to give us a little more to thank us for our unconditional love toward this team. I call that respect, you call it what you want but please save your generalizing and condescending judgement for yourself.

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