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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
And that still doesn't contradict what I said. Yet again, we're finding every reason and every excuse possible to villainize one of our good players. They come along so rarely you'd think we'd cherish them but instead, here we are, bending over backwards to find things with which we can knock down Subban.

All we have is a mangled Gionta quote (which, when I read it, again sounded like he was clearly joking about finding Subban a media gig in Montreal) and whispers from McGuire that the players are annoyed. Think about how silly that is.

And it's 100% stemming from the fact that he doesn't have a contract and people are looking for a story. If he had a contract but everything else stayed the same (spending time in Toronto, not joining the Habs in the charity games), we wouldn't hear a peep of it.

It's just...silly. That's the only word for it. And he hasn't missed a single game with his so-called "hold out". So what are we talking about, really?

All this negative PK talk reminds y of the grief Kane gets in Winnipeg for some reason. You'd think the media would portray their better, core players in a more positive light rather than crap on them any time something MIGHT be an issue. Fans not much better for listening to a handfull of idiots trying to sell papers and making a name for themselves.

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