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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
not sure how anyone could even begin to think ML mite outperform Bryz
I dont think its that big of a stretch, ML has out preformed Bryz as a Flyers goaltender. ML's 2010 run was far and away better then what Bryz has shown as Flyer (ML chicago series was not good but know where near Byrz's performance in the Penguins series), and I would be willing to bet that ML will have better stats then Bryz this season even with the small amount of games he will get.

Do I think ML is the answer? of course not but 1 year ML at 900,000 is WAY better then Bryz at 8 more years at 5.6. Can you imagine this head case on the books for 5.6 million at 37-40 years old. He cant even preform consistanty right now how would you ever expect him to deliver the goods at 37-40?

As for wanting him to fail, god yes I hope he goes down in flames and quick. Last thing I want is PH to get blinded by a decent season only to see him falter back to mediocrity and miss the window for amnesty buy out. Buy him out and go look for a capable decent goalie at a fair and decent contract, who ever that may be.

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