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Originally Posted by Artie
Maybe the mindset of the team is that up until now thay haven't considered the Q a league worth scouting. Let's face it there was a big knock on the Q for not being able to produce NHL ready players (except for the true superstars - and those ones everyone knows anyways). The Q was regarded as a step below the OHL and WHL. The Habs like other organizations decided to put their emphasis elsewhere. For years Serge Savard put little to no emphasis on Europe (especially CCCP) and BTW he was lambasted by the same journalists.

Maybe they have scouted the *&^%$ out of the Q and in their opinions they just didn't like what they saw. Hind-sight is a 20-20 science. As someone mentioned how many of the guys that got away were being projected as "can't miss" players. You role the dice at the draft.

Maybe they just have scouts who are just not good at their jobs, or too many of the same types of scouts so their is too much homogenous thinking.

I have no problem with columnists or fans who demand the best of the organization they cover or support. Higher demands leads to accountability and responsibility. Yeah there may be a little more pressure on the Habs scouting department to come up with the diamonds in the rough in the Q just to give the team more of a local flavor, but you know as someone eloquently put it..." if you like spice then this is the organization for you"
The Habs had a Q scout up until the last 2 drafts as far as I can remember, so they clearly didn't feel the league wasn't worth scouting. Then Savard and Timmins both saw a ton of games in the Q, I know they were at a bunch of Drummondville games just from people who told me they saw them there or talked to them there.

Why do they not have a full time scout in the Q or OHL? I don't know but it doesn't matter to me as long as they continue to get good results. Last years draft may turn out to be the best draft we have had in 10 years or more and that says a lot after what looks to be a strong '01 draft and '98 draft. Only Hab fans would be so upset that there's no Q scout listed after the team just had one of their best drafts in some time at least in the very early stages. (although the '03 draft could still end up being better then the others and '04 draft could also surprise as a huge draft imo)

Since Savard and Timmins have come on board our farm system has been deeper and better quality then it's been in a long time. Over that period we had Dorion scouting the Q plus your head scout will always see games too. Now Dorion is gone after being fired same with Madden. Perhaps they haven't found a good replacement yet, perhaps there are details we don't know about. Fact of the matter is, we have continued to draft guys from the Q despite not always having an assigned scout there. The fact of the matter is we have a very strong farm system, so they must be doing something right. The fact of the matter is yes they have made mistakes and will continue to do so when dealing with 18/19 year olds, it's impossible to be so accurate about how a player will develop and progress.

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