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01-11-2013, 03:18 PM
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So the most under rated and under sold games are Deus Ex human revolution and Sleeping dogs.

Deus ex has awesome sci fi, good graphics, amazing gameplay. You can play stealth, guns blazing, try to out talk people. Its almost half shooter half RPG.

Sleeping Dogs is GTA 4 but better. Alot has changed since Niko and 2007. The driving is different then GTA (worse imo) but everything else is better. The fighting system is awesome because its martial arts and there are counters, heavy strikes, grapples etc. Lots of collectables, cop and triad missions etc. Its set in hong kong and the asian influence is really rubbing off on me. Been watching old martial arts movies lately because ive been sucked into this world so much.

Best of all its 19.99 so anyone with a spare 20 should totally get it

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