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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
I don't want to get into the number crunching and stats quoting, but you can easily argue that Subban accomplished much more for the Habs under his ELC than Price or Pacioretty did. Hell, in this thread alone you have people calling him a "stud" and a number one defenseman...and those same people are expecting him to just accept the first offer the Habs put on the table? Why?

And as I said before, Price "held out" on signing his contract until September 2nd. Subban had until September 14th to sign before the CBA expired and didn't (along with other notable RFAs, let's not act like he's the only one), so realistically, how much longer has he held out in comparison to Price? Two weeks? Granted, it's amplified because there's a mad scramble to start the season, but that doesn't change that he's still negotiating a contract all the same.

People on this board seem to think there's only one side to a negotiation, and that as soon as a player takes longer than our little preconceived notions of when a they should be signed by, he's branded a greedy player who puts himself before the team.
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