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01-11-2013, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingbobert View Post
i dont like the deal...
Length is fine. I think PK will at the very worse stay at this level which to me is a #1-2 Defenceman easily and at the very best a top 10 in the league so signing him 4+ years is fine and will not hurt us

Now the money.
That i dont like.
Has not proven to be a 5.5M$ player YET.
I would of been happy with 4-4.5 and then give him his big money after.

with a 5.5M$ hit in 4 years whether you want to or not you're going to give him more money (unless he completely digresses) so why agree to such a big hit from now?
5.5M$ / 64.3M$ (next years cap, will be the lowest of the duration of the contrat) is 8.55% of the cap.

If a roster has 23 players, then on average, each player should count for 4.35%. This means that Subban makes slightly less than twice the average player's salary. Subban is worth more than twice the average player.

This math is based on the lowest cap. This year, teams can spend 70.2M$, thus Subban represents 7.83% of this years total spending cap.

His contract is in no way a problem.

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