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01-11-2013, 02:59 PM
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Goalies - PEKs hasn't reached his peak and if he has he's got a few good years left. Mason - I wouldn't want him as a started but playing 6-8 games we'll get enough from him.

Forwards - Unless Leggy or Fish got old, we have guys like Horny in their prime and a bunch of kids like Willie who should be better. Gausted for Smitty, Yip for Toots. You can't say you liked our scoring last year and say we're gonna' suck this. (and even if you didn't like our scoring we were statistically pretty effective....)

Dmen - well, I think we lost a key cog... yep, I see Frankie is in Montreal! Oh, and that Suter guy is gone, too, and we didn't sign any first pairing guy.... However, if we could all agree Hal is an upgrade to Frankie????? yes - good. So Webs, KK, Josi and Ellis are back/here for whole season. Blum tanked last year and he's back too. Now - those 5 guys - anyone think ANY of them will be better than last year? How bout MOST of them? Plus we got Hannan. So none of those other dudes are gonna' play Sutes 24mins, but they should be able to all play a few more than last year and play a little better than last year, too.

Sure, it would be nice to have Sutes and all those guys improvement, except that we'd not have at least one of them and without the opportunity for more ice time and a bigger role, those improvements would be less impactful. Point - we didn't lose 100% of Sutes contribution to the whole, we will get some of it from the improvement of the others and their increased ice time. and yes, some downside risk to that cause they aren't $110mil men with Olympic silvers and coming off their first AS game and they might make a few more mistakes than that guy - but they aren't chopped liver, either.

So - if you thought we under-achieved last year, or you thought we had a nice season and solidly made the playoffs - heck, if anything other than you thought we were incredibly lucky and a buncha' teams laid-an-egg so we could sneak in, how bad can ya' feel about this bunch?

Oh - and that no-neck guy, he's a magician behind the bench....

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