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For me the cost of season tickets is hardly worth it so that's why I'm going to get everything I can out of them.

The most ridiculous and greediest wants of fans I've heard is free jerseys for all on opening night, or a couple free games. The jersey one is pretty ridiculous so let's do a thought experiment with that. Let's say jerseys cost the organization 10 dollars each. That's $180,000 for 18,000 fans opening night. Pretty ridiculous. But I'd truly love to hear your explanation as to how fans are greedier than billionaires and millionaires arguing over their millions the profits they make from fans.. I could use a laugh. Please go on...

Originally Posted by Sens1Canes2 View Post
Sounds like you're a real hockey fan! "Free coozy? Hell yeah I'll buy my season tickets back!"
And you think you're a bigger hockey fan than me because I don't buy into sell outs only doing it for the money? Let me tell you something about the real love of hockey. It's playing in amateur leagues for the love of the sport and the camaraderie it brings. It's me coaching the local hockey team for the youth of the 1000 person town I grew up in. It's waking up every saturday in the winter and heading down to the local pond with a pack of lunch for you and your friends. That's real hockey. Pardon me if I'm not on your level of hockey love. What do you do? Buy season tickets for a bunch of sell outs and sit in the stands talking about how you're a real fan of the sport? GAB is that real hockey to you? Smh

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