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Originally Posted by boredmale View Post
What difference is the 2013/14 season cap if the Rangers buy out Redden this summer. His contract is only a hindrance the rest of this season
There is none whatsover

Here is what is going to happen.
This year he is waived, put in Hartford and told to stay home and live taped up in bubble wrap for 4 months
Wade than collects almost $3M
Rangers get a caphit of $5,6M
Rangers sign del Zotto giving them a 22 man troop.
Rangers would then have over $4M in capspace for this season left AFTER signing del Zotto for a caphit of $2,5M per. If his contract is higher than $2,5M - anything higher than the 2,5M figure is subtracted from the $4,091,666 The Rangers would have in actual space. Meaning quite a lot.
Mike Sauer will be placed on LTIR. This gives the Rangers an additional $1,250m in overage to use - if they want and need.
Meaning The Rangers have over $5M in annual cap space to use on new contracts this year - if they choose to do so. Another important point is that at the trade deadline on April 5, prorated capspace will count 4,125 times that of the annual remaining cap hit in players acquired in trades. So if you have say $3M in annual cap hit remaining to use you can take on over $12M of salary cap hits at the deadline...

Before next season Wade Redden is bought out in a compliance buyout.
He gets $3,333,333 paid out and can choose to do what he wants to do with his career. Retire, sign as a UFA or whatever. Guy has then made over $74.000.000 playing hockey in the NHL. He has no longer any influence on The Rangers cap situation.


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