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Originally Posted by dean youngblood82 View Post
Settle down. It came off wrong and I apologize but I was referring to the constant bashing of DeAngelo on these boards as a whole. Not cessation just your post. For that misunderstanding I apologize
You shouldnt have brought it up.We are not here to BASH and HATE DeAngelo.We are here to be critical of the same mistakes over and over and over he has made for almost 2 seasons now.No, he doesnt make the odd mistake as most the players do and thats why you dont read about them on here.Not only are the fans getting tired of it so are the rest of his teammates,The old grab the puck as the forwards are moving forward and then turn around at his own end forcing ALL the forwards back and then start over to maybe do it all over again or maybe pass the puck after he has 2 guys on him.Then skate down to the far end not passing the puck only when in trouble and firing a shot that misses the net and then causing an odd man rush again only to have the goalies bail him out again.He is getting so easy to read.Dont get me wrong,this kid is very talented,very fast skater,great shot but terrible at reading the play.YES HE HAS IMPROVED OVER THE LAST MONTH.HOPE THT HE HAS FINALLY CHANGED.But as long as I am a season ticket holder and paying to see them play and watch the same old mistakes he was making,I have a right to complain.Yes he is 17 yrs old,a -9 this year plus gave up a ton of odd man rushes or giveaways and 4 goals. I dont mind his play IF WHEN HE LOOSES THE PUCK HE SKATES BACK PICKING UP A MAN,not just standing there, AND NOT WHINING BECAUSE IT DIDNT WORK.Scott Neidermayer and Coffey were my fav players.He needs to review their games.Jocko has a bit of problem seeing that because I have watched his son play for Hamilton and he plays very similar only not as many mistakes anymore.For a 17 yr old super talent,I sure dont see or hear hockey scouts and coaches drueling over him.IMO I would move him to forward and leave him there.I think that is where he is best suited at this point.

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