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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
I have some friends that live in Manayunk and they tell me it's great. Those prices sound amazing! The only issue I think I'd have with living there is obviously that it's not in the city and near the stadium. I've heard that people don't really use the subway in Philly? If so, how do people get to the stadium just drive?

If any of you are familiar with Hoboken, where I currently live, it's a mid 20's to mid 30's city with a million bars and restaurants and more of a small town feel than NYC. It's a great commuter city to get into NYC and other places as there's bus, subway, light rail, train, and ferry right here. I'd be looking for something similar to that but I'm also willing to try out being right in Philly.

Also, I'd assume that that are several ice rinks and inline rinks in the area as I play both ice and in-line men's hockey leagues. Thanks for all the info everyone!
From Manayunk there are two rinks somewhat close (U Penn and Haverford Skatium are both about 15-20 minutes.) Unfortunately neither does much open hockey though Penn has another league starting in March. There are a ton of rinks that are about forty minutes away if you're willing to make that drive.

I live in Manayunk now and it's cool for the reasons everyone said, but my personal favorite was University City. Easy access to Center City, much better SEPTA service than Manayunk, and it has a real city feel unlike my current place which feels like a suburban college town that happens to have a Philly zip code. That said, I'm the kind of despicable person who likes riding his bike in U City's ample bike lanes to one of its many Ethiopian restaurants/coffee shops, so YMMV.

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