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01-11-2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by jfb392 View Post
I don't know why teams make the decisions they do, so I can't answer why the Sabres don't have one or why the Predators were dumb enough to give up a first for Gaustad.
However, there are options on the market every year, whether it's free agency or trade, and they never cost much.

A better question to ask would be how many teams set out to draft their 4C of the future?
I'd guess "not many" would be the answer and it's for a variety of reasons.
Teams just don't covet guys that play 10-12 minutes a night as much as they do ones that play 20 or 30 (or if you're a goalie, the whole game).
If you're counting on a guy to just accept his role and do his job and make a minimal amount of mistakes, which is what you want from your depth guys, you're more likely to get that from a veteran than a kid.
There's always the experience factor that older players bring too (many Cup contenders and winners have their character guys, castaways, and old guys that have had to reinvent their game to keep an NHL job rather than a 20 something doing the job).

Plus, you have to look at a players value just as an asset.
Even if your team is full of talent and you have no need for an additional top six/top four/starter or in the future, those type of prospects still have big value.
Everyone loves a scoring forward, big minute defenseman, or starting goaltender prospect.
The same can't really be said for depth prospects.
I'd much rather have too much talent in an organization rather than not enough.

I agree but have one minor amendment ....I think, in a CAP world, you also have to think about money. A drafted 3rd line center is likely going to cost you less than one signed via free agency...and so on for those other support role players a team can have. So, a pick here and there for a lower potential player/safe player to make the NHL isn't a bad thing...but yes, top level (risky) talent has to be the prime objective for the majority of picks at your disposal IMO.

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