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01-11-2013, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by PCSPounder View Post
There's a slim chance the following WHL numbers will become relevant soon. There's a greater chance Portland's numbers are more relevant. As of this morning (Jan 8):

Portland 6,689
Spokane 6,173
Everett 4,798 (in a down year)
Tri-City 4,322
Seattle 3,852

Also, for sake of reference to old ECHL fans:

Victoria 5,041
Interesting phrasing here, Pounder

Here's a question I have - might the owners of the new NBA team in the downtown Seattle arena (assuming everything goes through as many expect) also think about putting an AHL team into that downtown arena like the Spurs and Cavaliers did? Besides bringing people in on more dates, Seattle isn't too far from Abbotsford, and could be a bus rival, therefore might not NEED the two-three other close teams that I thought would be necessary for a Western AHL division... what are your thoughts as someone from closer to the region than I am?

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