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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
I am going to be staying at a friend's place in Manayunk the weekend of Feb 9th. I'll be sure to check out all of the areas while I'm there. Maybe I'll catch a game that weekend
yo here are some apartments along ridge avenue the heart of roxborough / manyunk area, and your on high ground and on top of the hills, which is great when it rains like hell and when ice is around, anyways here you go.

all info about these apartments are here

Ridge Carlton

Sandra Court

both are right on ridge avenue, which is great you are walking distance from 2 shopping centers, the one has a superfresh.

the other a bit further down has a SHOP RITE which is where most of that neighborhood gets there food, they got the cheapest prices and good stuff.

there is actulay 2 acmes 1 in Andorra and the at the other end of roxborough towards the city direction.

right down from shop rite is a CVS and the grand daddy of them all, the 1 thing that will make you want to move in a heartbeat WAWA.

those 2 apartments, you are as mention in walking distance.

you got 4 supermarkets, 3 CVS , 1 WAWA, a bunch of mom n pop type places, Andorra shopping center - LA fitness, Kohls, gamestop, library, etc.

you won't have to use much gas.

also the 9 and 27 each go to CC and the train stations

1 bdrms are between 800-1200 depending wich place you go to.

the worst tavel times 7-9am 3-7pm that 76 rt 1 / manyunk area is flat out a *****, so the train works best during those times. outside of that life is good.

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