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01-11-2013, 04:28 PM
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I live in PG and I can tell you that the Cougars are a complete joke. I don't blame the kid for wanting out. The management treats players like the stuff you find on the bottom of your shoe. There's a reason so many top prospects end up flopping when they come here. It's because the organization is ran by a bunch of idiots. Do you know why the attendance is so low here in PG? It's not because we don't love hockey it's cause the people who run the team are idiots who have no idea how to run a hockey team. This thing about prospects flopping when they come here isn't going to change until everyone in the entire organization, including the owners, change. I can't even begin to tell you how many people I know (myself included) that refuse to support the team until the ownership changes. The ownership and management of the Cougars is easily the biggest joke in the CHL.

And another reason that prospects might fail when they come here is because PG is a huge party town. There really isn't much else to do here so what do people do? They drink and get stoned. For young teenagers coming here, living away from their parents for the first time, they can easily get distracted and become less focused on hockey. The reason Brett Connolly was a success is simply because he was focused. You never heard about him being at parties or acting like an idiot in town. And that's cause he didn't go to parties and he worked his but off. That's why he is a success. It has nothing to do with the Cougars. And yes Charles Inglis was an idiot. I have heard a few stories...

So to sum up... the entire Prince George Cougars organization is a joke and they are going to keep on ruining prospects until everyone in the organization gets fired. It actually pains me to see the Cougars getting these high draft picks each year. It is almost a guarantee that the organization is going to ruin them.

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