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01-11-2013, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Nash View Post
If a team isn't planning to use an amnesty buyout, I wonder if another team could trade them assets to take on a player they can buyout. Or alternatively, could a team retain 80% of salary in that trade, add in some lessor assets and have the other team still agree to buyout.

A team could really clean out contract errors quickly if the options are there.
I'm waiting to see the leagues reaction when two teams reach an agree to switch players that want to go to the others team and instead of a trade amnesty buyout at 2/3 their players and the players sign for the missing 1/3.

Let's say hypothetically Luongo wanted to go to Tampa and Lecavalier wanted to go to van. Rather than trade, Tampa buyout Vinny and he signs for 2.5m/y. Luongo gets bought out and signs in Tampa for 2m per year.

They must have a plan for this. Maybe if you buyout you can't sign another teams buyout.

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