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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Immaturity? Its a business. The same argument was made with the lockout. The players should accept what the owners are offering because they are all immature and spoiled players. They don't care about the game since they won't accept less or offer to take less. Anaheim gave Cam Fowler $20M over 5 years. What has he proven? The Rangers need DZ in the line-up from day 1. 3 years(including this season)takes to him to 1 year before group III(IF he plays 40 accrued games in the next 3 seasons/that number will be less this season with the 48 game season)or 2 years before group III at 27. In 3 years,DZ will be arbitration eligible.


7 or 27
Yes. Yes it is. If I'm a GM with Sather's track record, there is no way a 22 year old makes me feel like he's got me over a barrel. Short of maybe Gretzky or Orr.

He's a kid. This is how it works. If he wants to sit out, let's see how that works out for him. I suspect not well. If he's mature he'll get that, sign, keep his powder dry and go do his job. He'll be making a lot more money than most guys his age anyway. And the perks ain't bad either.

To your other points. I'm not sure they are relevant. The CBA was a much more far reaching labor and profit sharing dispute between partners in a huge enterprise.

Dizzy is a young guy negotiating his second contract. Different deal, imo.

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