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06-15-2006, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by frozenrubber
This is the fear I had if the Rangers assembled a pretty decent year (which they did). We would have attachment to fringe NHLers.

As it currently stands, Jason Strudwick is not a top 6 dman. Period. On top of whatever FA dman we sign, we might see Staal, Baranka, Pock, Lampman (if we keep him) next year.

Now for everyone who says he's a great leader and team rallying point, that would be moot for next year as he would have very little impact from upstairs scratched players suite. The reason Struds played this year was frankly our complete weakness in D and not having Lampman (injury) available for callup. The only suitable call-up was Pock, and everyone knows he isn't known for his defense.

Now Sather does believe in carrying 8 d-men in the system that can play.

1. Tyutin
2. Kaspar
3. Malik
4. Rozy/FA
6. Ozo (I'm actually looking forward to seeing him after a full training camp w/out Poti as his partner; I'm hoping it's Malik)
7. Staal
8. Pock/Lampman(?)/Baranka, etc.

I just don't see a slot or need for him. He's a great guy no doubt, but he was a filler, not a core piece.

this is not how the depth chart will look for the defense simply bc if staal is anywhere in the top 7 or 8 he HAS to be in the starting 6 .....strudwick is the PERFECT seventh defenseman bc youre not going to give that job to a kid bc they would be better off playing everyday then sitting in the stands. for that simple reason i resign him bc he is a great 7 d and seemed to mesh very well with his teammates.

staal is noway going to be a 7 d man next year bc hes either playing in the top 6 or hes going to juniors again (wouldnt be the worst thing in the world bc it may help his offense even more like phanuefs last year of juniors help him)

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