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01-11-2013, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Hank Scorpio View Post
a player who is only an abysmal season with a terrible team away from being a 25+ goal scorer and another who, if limited to soft minutes and labelled as a power play specialist may turn out to be more good then harm.
And how can this hurt us, I mean to keep them? Our young guns are not ready to hit the big leagues anytime soon....even next season could be shady to introduce prospects to the lineup - exception noted for Galchy.

Bourque is a great commodity to have in a lineup. A commodity that defines depth in a lineup. It makes no sense to take him out of the roster after only 38 games after the trade. And it is blindsided to see as a great option to use one of the amnesty buyouts on his contract in order to retrieve $7M over the next few years. Amnesty buyouts are for quick fixes for big money on short term. That is the aim of amnesty buyouts.

I voted for Gomez because I do not believe he will bounce back. He crashed and burned.

My other option could be Kabby simply because I feel it would be hard to get a suitor in a trade. Whereas Gionta and Bourque are more marketable.

That being said I would definately trade Gomez for a pick so that a team wanting to offer him a contract can get the exclusivity.

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