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01-11-2013, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by MLH View Post
The most popular sports column on the internet ran this today:

"now we're eight days away from the start of the season, and no NHL season-ticket holder can make plans that weekend or effectively answer questions like, "Should we make dinner reservations for that Saturday night or do you have a hockey game?" or "Are we still going camping this weekend or do we have to stick around?" And god forbid you have kids with scheduled playdates, birthday parties, soccer games or whatever you're at the whim of Gary Bruce Bettman, the most incompetent sports commissioner who ever lived.

True story: My father is visiting next weekend to see his grandkids and possibly watch the Broncos-Patriots game if the Patriots can get past Houston this weekend. (See what I did there? Hold on, I'll knock on a little more wood to be safe.) The Sports Gal and I ended up having this exchange.

Her: "What are we doing that Saturday with your dad?"
Me: "Not sure yet there might be a Kings game. They might raise the banner that afternoon."
Her: "What time?"
Me: "It's unclear, they haven't announced the schedule yet."
Her: "Why?????"
Me: "Because the players need to sign the new labor deal."
Her: "They can't just tell you what games are the first weekend?"
Me: "No."
Her (agitated): "Doesn't hockey realize that people make plans ahead of time for weekends?"
Me: "I I don't know."
Her: "So we can't plan anything on Saturday until we find out if there's a hockey game."
Me: "Basically."
Her: "Even thought it's basically a week from now?"
Me: "Right. And even though they've been holding my season-ticket money since last April."

(Congratulations to my wife for being the 100 millionth North American to ask this question.)"

But I'm just complaining to complain...
This article is hilariously over the top and engenders no sympathy due to minor annoyances it tries to frame as serious problems. A reasonable human adult can manage these situations proposed in the article. They can easily choose to plan to go to a game and if there isn't one, simply find something else to do. Or they can choose to forgo this 1 of 24 home games.

The league could be managing this better but the simple fact is the lockout isn't even over yet.

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