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01-11-2013, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
Well, Cole can't make everyone happy. I would choose to please my family too over some select fans who think it's in his best interest to play for a couple more years a sport you have lost a passion for. IF this is indeed the issue here.

In reality I think he is just frustrated about the whole lockout, and he also got a bit of a taste of what his life is gonna be like when he hangs them up, being with his family and all. Can't really blame him for the words he spoke to Chantale, even though he should have know better.
If you lost passion in the game, then fine, say that, don't talk about the CBA/league.
The guy is 34, I mean seriously, who retires in this world at 34?
Considering how the NHLPA made it clear they wanted the league to respect the contracts already in place, and the fact he was highly supportive of them, he should do the same.

Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
Maybe I should have clarified but I think Markov's demeanor with the reporters is getting old. It's your job as a former all star, assistant captain, and role model on the team to show a bit of respect to the media. That would be the proper way to conduct oneself, and I don't really care all that much I think it's funny too, but its also outplayed. Start acting like a leader.
Markov is allowed to do what he wants with Media. It's not like the media is nice here. Just look at how they reacted after learning he'd stay an extra game in Russia.

Originally Posted by roy munson View Post
BTW2: re: his "sacrifice" comment. If I had to go live anywhere else, it WOULD be a sacrifice, because MTL is my home. No matter where I end up or how nice it is.
Sure, but he agreed to make that sacrifice when he willingly agreed to the 4 year contract.
Why is this news? And I find it very ironic that a guy like Cole who was completely supportive of the NHLPA's point for the league to respect contracts already offered to then take a step back and question whether he wants to respect his. He's a huge hypocrite and made himself look like a complete idiot.

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