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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
If you lost passion in the game, then fine, say that, don't talk about the CBA/league.
The guy is 34, I mean seriously, who retires in this world at 34?
Considering how the NHLPA made it clear they wanted the league to respect the contracts already in place, and the fact he was highly supportive of them, he should do the same.

Markov is allowed to do what he wants with Media. It's not like the media is nice here. Just look at how they reacted after learning he'd stay an extra game in Russia.

Sure, but he agreed to make that sacrifice when he willingly agreed to the 4 year contract.
Why is this news? And I find it very ironic that a guy like Cole who was completely supportive of the NHLPA's point for the league to respect contracts already offered to then take a step back and question whether he wants to respect his. He's a huge hypocrite and made himself look like a complete idiot.
The media deserves absolutely nothing in this city. In fact, I get a large smile on my face every time Markov ****s with them. The Montreal media has been one of the catalysts for why the team has performed so poorly over the past two decades. They go where they don't belong. They drum up controversial stories where there are none. They consistently lead campaigns against young up-and-coming players on the Habs and they are extremely prejudiced against anything European while being down-right blind in their crusade to have the team almost entirely francophone.

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