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Originally Posted by NightBlazer View Post
We're essentially discussing player development here. SM-Liiga being a tougher league is irrelevant when we're talking about which player will end up better. It's not about what league is tougher or more skilled; since we're talking about future NHL'ers, we're discussing which league is better at developing players for the NHL game. And in that sense it's absurd for the guy to take a shot at the OHL.

Also no Flames fan said that size isn't an issue for Gaudreau so I don't know where you pulled that one from. Unless you can find a single quote that says otherwise...
Sorry to post twice in a row, didn't see this first round..... The only time leagues come into play (of coarse this is only in reference to the leagues on par with eachother skillwise no junior C players in this (even if thats where horton came from)) is when players are playing above their level and because of it not receiving the icetime they need to grow into the players the will become.

Alot of high potential guys will get 20 mins a game in the O, W or Q with both pp and pk time included while alot of players in the european leagues jump in too early and play less than 15 a game while at the same time pushing them into a specific team needed role. In many cases it can (not always) stunt growth and force players to focus on one aspect of the game rather than rounding out their games giving less effect in the NHL.

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