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12-12-2003, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
Boucher had a 3.02 GAA and Burke had a 2.11 GAA last year
Burke had a .894 Sv% and Burke had a .930 Sv% last year

They play for the same team, No?

how about 2001
Boucher 2.41 and .905
Cecho 2.05 and .921

I watch the game, Ive seen the Flyers play like contenders many years for it only to fall apart in the playoffs. Why build up hopes for what is probably going to be another failure?
Waaaaaa waaaaa waaaaa!

I've never seen them be this tough this consistently. You don't have to build up your hopes, just continue to complain about your team, PLEASE!

Burke makes a bad team look good. Boucher, I'm sure, would do nicely in this system.