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01-11-2013, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
I totally agree with you!

Even if you are thinking that, what good would it do to open your big mouth at this time. YOUR teammates are getting excited about the season and you pull this crap!!!

I am actually pissed .... You sighed a DAMN good contract, honor it!

Don't cry like a baby because you " may only have to get by" with $7.5 million instead of $8 million!

Does he really think the NHL or fans will go"oh no Mr. Cole, please don't retire, we are so sorry your are upset with the new CBA"

Hey if he doesn't like it, then vote NO!

Some players should shut up, decline interviews and just do their talking on the ice, Eric Cole is one of them!
Honestly, he's allowed to retire so no need to take it personal.

That being said, if he does plan to retire or drag this out, management should trade him at deadline.

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