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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
A transfer agreement that the KHL pres is saying that it's not as clear as the NHL wants it to be.

As far as Cole's contract, I didn't give him a contract at 42 year old when I should have expected him to retire. I gave him a contract with the minding that he'd finish it. Then, I also had in mind that while a retirement or asking for a trade is also possible, that Mr.Cole would not make stupid statements like that so that I had my hands tied and would not be able to get as much as I could in any other circumstances. As a fan, my team owes me to be the best they can. Cole's comments or way of thinking will either make me not have him for the last 2 years of his contract or will make me not get as much as we could if we would have traded him last year or even this year without those comments. Now, if it is just a trade technique, we'll have to trade him to a team near where's he's located and not only that but with the idea that his new team might not know for sure if he'll retire or not. That's what pisses me off about his comments. What he does with his life is up to him. What I do with my opinions, is though up to me.
I remember when he came to the Habs. "it is a dream come true, I grew up a Habs fan... Blah blah".... I'd trade him to the Islanders for a 2nd pick and a El Niņ would you like them apples Mr. Cole?

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