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01-11-2013, 09:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Philadelphia Collins View Post
Umm 2010-2011 at age 35 St. Louis had 99 points, and last season he had 74 pts in 77 games. And before you use "he's playing with Stamkos!" as an excuse, he's averaged almost a ppg since the last lockout.

If you're gonna pick a player that's declining, try using one that's actually declining, because if you watch him play St. Louis is still an amazing talent, and even more amazing considering his size

I guess what I'm saying is that I hope Spezza declines as much as you think Martin St. Louis has when he's 35
Stamkos has a career season and scores an insane amount of goals... and St. Louis' production goes down 25 points to 74. Yes, I would call that a decline, right after his 35 year old season, surprise surprise.

Not to mention his defensive game has severely diminished.

Originally Posted by Micklebot View Post
Kuba has played 1539 mins with Karlsson over the last 3 years, the most of any teammate by far (about 30% higher than the next closest).

Here are some telling stats over that period Kuba
StatWith Karlsson Kuba without Karlsson Karlsson without Kuba
Corsi 5vs5.524.484.544
Goals for % 5vs5.516.438.458

Nots saying Kuba is bad, just that playing with Karlsson has inflated his stats (not really unexpected).
For sure I agree Kuba has inflated stats. But his good stats are no way 100% due to Karlsson.

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