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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e) View Post
It's fair to be a bit worried about the chemistry factor with Karlsson that Kuba had, but it really comes down to how much you believe in Karlsson. Will he be good with another competent defensive d-man? Or was it Kuba that enabled him to be so successful? Frankly, I think most believe it is the former.

Looking at the Kuba/Foligno for Methot/Lats swap, I can't help but be cautiously optimistic about it, given age and contract factors into. And contracts isn't just about saving money, but freeing up money for others and additions..

Methot is almost 10 years younger than Kuba, and makes more than $1m less. His defensive game is also much better, and he doesn't have the injury issues every other year Kuba does. That is a massive upgrade on D long-term. I think he will be a solid top 4 guy, whether he is a great fit with Karlsson or not.

For Foligno, everyone liked the guy, but he really is a poor man's scoring forward (while being a very productive 3rd liner). Pesky, skates well and the kind of guy you'd love to have on your third line, but also a guy who probably isn't a great top 6 guy. Not too many playoff teams would have him as one of their top two LWers.

Injuries aside (which you can't ignore), Latendresse has much more upside. He is the same age, but has much better goal scoring skills in terms of a shot and release (where as Foligno is more dangerous on the rush one-on-one). Latendresse will creep along and fine a seam for a playmaker to find him. This is an underated skill and we haven't had someone good at this since Heatley, really (Milan is ok). Foligno simply didn't know how to do this. His goals were him creating his own chance, typically, or a goal mouth poke in. Both Lats and Foligno go to the net well, but Latendresse is 25 pounds heavier.

In terms of production, Latendresse has scored more goals in his last 82 games with the Wild (33), than Foligno scored in his last two full seasons (29 goals in 164 games). The upside of Latendresse is that of a bonafide scoring winger, where as Foligno will likely always be a tweener, who teases you with a breaktaking goal every 10 games or so, but in the end, management has to admit, if he's in your top 6, you're in trouble. Takes value to get value, so moving a really good 3rd liner for a top 4 d-man made perfect sense. On the injury side, I don't see Lats being any more of a risk than someone who relies on Kuba.
Disagree with the bolded, based on 2011-12 anyway. Kuba was very good defensively last year.

I don't necessarily disagree with the rest... however, contracts and age and stuff like that don't really matter in this argument (if you followed it the whole way) because I was strictly comparing the 2011-12 Sens to the 2012-13 Sens.

Kuba was exceptional last year, and Methot, pretty much no matter what, will not match that two-way contribution. Not even close imo.

Lats vs Foligno, who knows if Lats can match 2011-12 Foligno.

The 2011-12 Sens, with great contributions from Kuba and Foligno (they overachieved most likely) just squeaked into the playoffs.

Methot and Lats can't match it most likely. Therefore the Sens are in tough to make the playoffs. Add in the Cowen injury and it's not looking good at all.

Hence, the tank plan.

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