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01-11-2013, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Yeah I've seen a few comments here and there. I even said personally that he's not my favourite coach in the world. I wasn't extremely thrilled when I heard he was the coach I won't lie. But I'm willing to give the guy benefit of the doubt and start with a clean slate so to speak. And some of his comments on TV were pretty bad, but who you are on l'Antichambre and who you are in the real world, in a dressing room are probably vastly different.

I meant more like a flat out lynch mob calling for him to be fired. I say you'll start seeing that within 3 weeks after the start of the season. He won't be giving such and such enough icetime, he'll be stifling rookies, the lines won't be right etc etc.
To be completely honest, I think Lefebvre has had the benefit of the doubt longer than most would have expected. Many have said that the average age of the dogs, the beefed up AHL and the few injuries have made it more than just a bit difficult to string some wins together, and those are fair points.

However, I don't see many people *****ing about losing games. Mostly I see people tearing out their hair in frustration because he doesn't seem to match his lines at all, he overplays useless players in favor of those who might actually score a goal, that there is a general lack of organization in all facets of the dogs' game; be it special teams or 5v5. In essence, it's not that they're losing, it's how they're losing. I've given the dude the benefit of the doubt for a while now, but soon he'll be losing the 'beefed up ahl' excuse.

One thing I can hand the guy is that I've seen many dogs games this year, and very rarely are they not giving it 100%. They play hard for lefebvre. Maybe not recently, I dunno, I've missed the last few, but I think he's probably a decent enough motivator. Maybe only that, though.

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