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01-11-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
Spezza is inconsistent. He is slightly below Crosby/Malkin/Stamkos in talent level but his numbers are way worse.

One game he is lights out jaw dropping good and defensively responsible, and the next he drags his feet and is only noticeable when he gives the puck away at the offensive blueline

I expect him to be:
1-more consistent offensively
2-not hurt the team when he's not producing
3-MOVE your feet on a consistent basis

In 2011-12, Spezza was more consistent than usual and likely had his best season of his career. Hopefully this continues but I'm not holding my breath.

This inconsistency + decline with age + injury concerns lead me to believe Spezza will be past his peak (not the same player as 2011-12) when the team is peaking.

That is all.

Can he be the #1 forward on a Stanley Cup Champion right now? Possibly, hard to say.

Will he be able to be the #1 forward on a Stanley Cup Champion in 4 years? I don't think so.

well maybe teams should do things differently... Calgary and Toronto attempting to make the playoffs every year is pathetic... their teams are a mess and they're not going anywhere.

Like I said, you need to get worse before you get better. Finishing 10th every season is not a recipe for success.

Tanking is useful.

And did you read my post?

Kuba + Foligno > Methot + Latendresse.
Cowen is gone.
The defense is worse than ever.

LOL @ deep playoff run.. do you really believe that

It's not just trading Spezza... it's trading Gonchar, Michalek, Anderson too.

Sure fire top 3 pick, sure fire first line player. There's your Spezza.

You guys dared me to do it, you should have helped me out there.

Iginla and St. Louis are far from what they once were. Very far.

That's exactly the type of decline I'm talking about with Spezza. For every Selanne there's a Gretzky, Iginla, St. Louis, etc... Most guys decline by age 35. There's no way around it.

If you think Spezza will be as good at 35 as he was in 2011-12, then I don't what to say.

Like Thornton, he's declined from peak Thornton. Why do you expect Spezza to be the same player? Crazy.
Spezza is 29. TWENTY-NINE. Do I think he will be not too far off the level he has been in his career so far for 4 or 5 years? Yes I do. No reason to think he would still be a possible top 10 scorer in the NHL if he has a healthy full season in 2017.

And yes... if we have a good season and Karlsson, Spezza and Alfredsson stay healthy I do think we COULD make a deep playoff run. We almost beat the Rangers last year. We might not but I certainly think we COULD. I think Maclean, Murray and Melynyk all hold the same opinion too. That if we have a healthy season and a little luck we could go to the 2nd, 3rd, finals. We might not certainly, but the team is close enough that it is not at all impossible. That is the goal this season. To make the playoffs and try to be as ready as possible to win at least a round or more.

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