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01-11-2013, 10:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Inner Turbulence View Post
I'd be quite OK with a fact-driven Kings Insider. I don't care too much for rumors and speculation, I want a site that provides the facts as they go down. The trades. The Roster Moves. The injuries. The expected lines based on scrimmages. Some quick interviews.

All the rumors, speculation and "almost news" I can find elsewhere if I want to. I want a go-to site that reports facts. Like Hammond provided.
I agree with this. One of my favorite things about Hammond's site was that you could trust that everything he put out was 100% true. Rumors and speculation are fun, but you have to have a source that you can completely trust to confirm/deny those rumors. He was that source, and hopefully the next guy will be as well.

Someone else mentioned they think they're looking for an up and comer for this position... from what I understand, they aren't. But I wish. As a recently graduated English major and a long-time Kings fan, that job's basically my dream job, so I absolutely would have applied for it if I was qualified, but I checked out the job listing and they want someone credible who already has a following. That in part is what made Rich so successful right away... he had already built a community, they just moved it to another site and put their logo on it.

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