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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I thought Armstrong was an average 2-way player?
yeah, he's about average I'd say. Someone like talks with goalposts could probably give you a better breakdown. Bourque is a negative, however. I really wouldn't want him against tough opposition and I think the only way to really get our money's worth for bourque would be to play him with DD since that line tends to get softer minutes.

Eller will be going from having Moen (real good even strength player) and kostitsyn (good even strength player, believe it or not) to having two 'meh' quality linemates. I wouldn't be enthused, if I were him.

I figure Gionta will be playing with Pleks, but Moen- Eller - Gionta could be a pretty beast 5v5 forward line, imo.

Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
I know many around here hate him to extremmes, but P.Gauthier, if you actually listen to him and don't mind some of the histrionics, is one of the better sport analysts in any of the pro NA leagues...

Mike Johnson isn't yet smooth/polished infront of the camera, but I've liked his work thus far.

One of the SI writers, can't remember his name, seems to have quite solid takes/perspectives pretty consistently.

No one is perfect, to be sure, and Bob Mac isn't terrible... I just don't agree with a lot of the praise/recognition. His best attribute is that he doesn't present many strong/controversial opinions, but I see that more as a strategic attempt to come accross as the reasoned one (and keep his sources reliable/on board/happy) than actually expressing his opinions (he's had a few articles, usually non-nhl related, that show he does have strong opinions in him... but with his NHL stuff he seems to always come out with bland takes that don't even attempt to dig beneath the superficial or obvious).

strikes me as to much "reporter" and not enough "analyst/commentator". and ironically, his delivery on camera, as a "reporter" is pretty average...
Pierre Mcguire?

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