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Originally Posted by LA Kings Drummer View Post
Lol, everything is worth more than it was 20 years ago because of inflation. And besides who cares many owners are still losing money. The dude over-expanded the league and has been involved in 4 work stoppages.... and.... I can't belive this has to be explained over and over again.

Look, nobody is saying that he is the sole culprit but he's definitely a major player in regards to the problems this league has.
300 million to 3.3 billion is not just inflation, it's part of it but not the sole reason.

Bettman is not sole responsible for expansion, Owners have to sign off on that also invest in it.

Bettman has also managed to get the owners a better deal every CBA. Which is why he is still employed.

If people are going to blame Bettman for all the leagues problems, they also have to give him credit for some of the leagues success.

Baseball has one less work stoppage under Selig. (they have three).

the NBA has three (Stern) (last 20 years).

People act like Bettman is the only Commish that has seen work stoppages.... That is not true.

Also the only league you can say without a doubt (every owner makes money) is the NFL.

That's about it.

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