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01-11-2013, 11:27 PM
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Hockey players like Erik Cole have done one thing and one thing only in their lives and that's playing hockey.

When you're pretty sure at 16 years old that you will be playing for a professional sports team and that you will eventually sign a multimillion $ contract it's pretty hard to be in touch with the reality that the rest of the world has to face.

I can't comprehend how someone would feel even remotely bad when signing a collective bargaining agreement like the one the NHLPA just signed, the average income in Canada is about 50$G a year and by making 4M$ a year he's making 80 times what the average worker makes and all money from playing a sport. That's the collective earnings of 80 individuals in one year or 80 years of income for one individual in one year.

I'm not saying every hockey players are as delusional about money, I'm pretty sure a lot of them had to face at one point or another before becoming pros a moment with their families when money was tight, maybe for some it never happened.

But frankly I've lost all respect for him not as a sportsmen but as an individual not because of his actions but for his naivety.

A hockey player that wants to retire because of money makes no sense whatsoever, I say to him go ahead and retire but don't expect to find any resolution to your money problem by doing so.

And please make foolish investments, we'll take you back in 2 or 3 years with a minimum NHL salary contract which is 10x less of what you currently make. But beware winter is long I hope you don't end up having to sleep at the shriners with your meager 500K$ a year.

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