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Originally Posted by JTG View Post

No idea how Canadian post office works. Post office works from the bottom up, which means your post code is of the utmost importance. If they can get it to the right post office, odds of you getting your package are very good, as you really have no idea how much your postal carrier knows about you. In my office, we have 21 routes, and if I have a letter with just a name on it, I'll scream it out, and we'll all be able to figure out where it goes. I'm actually at the point now where I can sort mail by name only, I don't even need an address.

I freaked a lady out one day because she has a box at an office where I work, but her street delivery is at my main office. I was able to rattle off her home address, he work address, her box number, and all the members of her household.

A small typo should not really inhibit you getting any sort of mail, unless the address just flat out doesn't exist in the postal code you gave. Then they will send it back, at least in America, no such street, and it will be returned to sender. If you gave a phone number, in particular, a good post office will call you. My boss actually spends a good portion of his morning hand delivering packages that we screwed up in the sorting process.

This is sort of why it bothers me when people knock the American post office because they have no idea what goes into getting them their mail, and what the post office does to get it there. There's a common misconception that postal employees make a ton of money and do absolutely nothing for it, and while that may be true for some, it's the exception, not the rule. A lot of postal employees work split shifts (I worked 4:30am-9:30am the other day, went home for a few hours, and then came back 1:30-6:30). That's a typical postal day. Some clerks in the post office make 70 grand a year, but they work 50-60 hour weeks, start at the wee hours of the morning, and stay until late at night. They make their living on overtime, and it's not the nice "oh, I'll just stay a few hours, and pick up some extra money." It's "if you leave before I tell you to, find another way of feeding your family." Guy's in the plant over Christmas were working mandatory 12 hour day, 7 day a week shifts for 6 weeks.

I can't tell you how many people come in all pissed off and say, "privatize!" not fully realizing what that means. If this was a "for profit" business, a stamp to send a letter from New York to LA wouldn't be 45 cents. It'd be a few bucks. During Christmas when we had all of our seasonal help, we were getting priority mail boxes DELIVERED from Pittsburgh to LA in 2 days.

That's my little rant.
Yeah my postal code, my telephone number, my building number and even my apartment number are all correct. I just made a typo in the street name. I left out a letter by mistake I.E. say my address was 1234 Peachtree Drive. I had typed 1234 Peachtee Drive and accidentally left out the "r". But again my postal code, my telephone number, my building number and even my apartment number are all correct.

Hopefully I'll be ok.

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