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Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
Did you really just ask what a team's defensive playing style has to do with how good they are defensively?
You grossly misinterpreted my comment and drew a horrible conclusion that is also wrong in itself based on this.

Originally Posted by Drop the Sopel View Post
I disagree. The more active a defense, the more likely they give up odd man rushes against. It's not a coincidence the best defensive coach of our generation Jacques Lemaire didn't want his defense going past the red line - nor is it a coincidence his goalies tended to have career years with him.

If you're not more susceptible to giving up quality chances against when playing an aggressive system, why would any team not employ this gameplan? Because the more risks dmen take, the more chances they surrender. And since Mike Gillis' arrival, that's the type of team Vancouver has been. Polar opposite to how the club operated under the guidance of Dave Nonis.

As to the point that all shots are created equal, I disagree. The Coyotes surrendered the 3rd most shots in the NHL, yet their team defense was top 5. I attribute that more to their system than their goaltending. I view the Bruins as one of the best defensive teams in the league, along with the Coyotes, Kings, Rangers and Blues. The Canucks team defense just isn't as strong as those clubs IMO, though they're still a good defensive club.
That isn't how it explicitly works. You can have defensemen who intelligently join the rush and make sure they have forwards to cover them at proper times. The canucks defensive core as a whole the past two years does not play irresponsible dustin byufglien esque offense from defense.

There aren't just simple linear guidelines like "defensive trap" versus "offensive run and gun" that dictate how good a team will be defensively. There are balances based on personnel and other factors, which is what you are clearly missing here and thusly leading you to not understand that the canucks are indeed one of the best teams in the league defensively. And moreover, not a team where you can definitively say is "much worse" or creates a "tougher environment" than boston.

There is so much more to the canucks defense than, oh they have an involved defense so they occasionally give up odd man rushes. They are generally very good in their own zone, where they, relative to the rest of the league, don't allow an alarming amount of chances.

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