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Originally Posted by sarcastro View Post
If you go to the Center Ice website, it's got an InDemand copyright on the bottom of the page. Click on Corporate Info and it takes you to the InDemand website. So that one's covered. The NHL licenses InDemand to broadcast NHL games, but InDemand is not owned by the NHL, nor is CenterIce.

Snider is part of the ownership group that runs Comcast - as chairman and controlling owner (~35%) of Comcast Spectacor, it's safe to assume that he has at least been involved in all important hockey-related activities and decisions made by Comcast.

Time Warner has, in the past, owned the Atlanta Hawks, Braves, and Thrashers. They are an ownership group, even if they do not currently own an NHL team.

Point is, one of these groups can exert managerial control over Center Ice, its programming, and what it charges. That would be the NHL Board of Governors, not the NHLPA.
Apparently you didn't read anything I said...but that's ok.
I'm not arguing or saying the NHLPA controls anything, just the NHL.

Yup, I agree that if you own something you are going to be called and owner. Just that you can't control something you don't "own" may be able to lobby for something through contracts and negotiations though.


Center Ice is not owned by all these companies. Oh and be sure to read the fine print at the bottom of the page

Let me guess you think Directv owns/controls NFL Sunday Ticket

Oh one more thing, even though I don't give a crap about Comcast.
Maybe Snider goes by another name

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