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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
And if you're not happy my way of thinking, you can stop responding as well. See, it works both ways. Problem is that in a world when we are entitled in our opinion, I am also entitled to find whatever I want stupid or ignorant. But again, fine if you never do. Fine if you never have an opinion on anything. Fine if you have no problems with people saying all sorts of things. Strange though, as you are all for Cole's expressing his opinions, yet when I do so you are telling me to....chill out? Double standards on this board sometimes....
I can also tell you that your way of thinking is flawed, and you need to take a chill pill. Which is what I'm doing, thanks, k? k.

There is in no way a double standard. You're ranting, raving, and hurling personal attacks at someone you've never met, and Cole's expressing his opinion on his own state of affairs. And here's where I start to get frustrated. You're in a corner now because you realize that you're a grown man acting like a baby about a comment made by a hockey player on your favourite team. You want desperately to be right when in the back of your mind, the inner assassin, if you will, is telling you "you know what? Maybe this guy has a point." Maybe you should listen to him.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
You know that your chill out comments could apply to everything right which it makes no sense whatsoever. On every GDT, everybody who panicks for that line change, or the use of that player or this player on that line should also chill out 'cause our actual life would never be questioned because of it. I mean, what the heck are we writing on a hockey board for? Does it change our actual life if our team wins or not. What's your point really? You're actually ranting on people who are discussing things in relation to hockey with arguments like....."Everthing is going to be OK"??? Fine, again, I will remember that everytime you bash or are actually pissed off about a decision of whoever.
This entire paragraph is proof positive that your jimmies are rustled. My point is that rather that saying "well, I disagree with him, and boy, that puts us at a real disadvantage," you're off on a tirade saying he's stupid for thinking the way he does, in the face of the context that would make his sentiments at the very least reasonable. What if he were actually serious about wanting to call it quits and spend time with his family? Wouldn't you feel like a piece of **** for calling such an aspiration stupid? Because you want your hockey team to do well? Take a step back, man.

As Bertrand Russell said, if you find yourself angry at an opinion different from your own, you may find this is an indication that you have no good reason for believing as you do.

You can remember all you like. I promise you you'll be waiting for a long time.

Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
And in response to Cole's comments, again, what I will say is that he can totally do the **** he wants. I can totally think that by doing it, he puts Bergevin in a bad negotiating position when will come trade deadline day. And if your answer to that is **** happens well fine. I guess we could have said that to Mr. Cole who's not really satisfied with how the lockout went......**** happens after all.
He can, and is, doing whatever he wants, and nothing he's done is "stupid." You may not like it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's largely justified, in fact, and I'd be shocked if you didn't do 10x worse if you were in an analogous situation.

And what are you talking about? "**** happens Cole." Yeah, he knows, and now he's weighing his options. Take notes: nowhere is he saying "Ugh, I hate the owners, they're so stupid, takin' all r muney."

I suppose that comes with the territory of actually having a name beside the opinion, though.

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