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Originally Posted by B Boarding View Post
Stockholm is a capital and therefore the political power is situated here. That brings a more international atmosphere to the city and it also carries the most of Sweden's cultural heritage and institutions. Therefore it's not too strange to suggest that it's at least the center of Sweden, albeit perhaps not the world :-) But it's importance on the international stage is however bigger than it's size, as it's in the frontline in several businesses like advertising, IT and medicine.

I've lived four years in Gothenburg and can compare that city to Stockholm. And Gothenburg falls flat on it's ass on almost every category. They do have a very good music scene, just as Stockholm does. They also have good sports traditions in for example handball and football as well.

I don't agree with you when it comes to the restaurants in Stockholm. Stockholm has a very high standard to the restaurants on average and actually a lot of Michelin stars restaurants considering its size. In my job I have pretty demanding clients coming over from London, NYC, LA, Hamburg etc and they are always very impressed by the restaurants (and city). The traditional pubs are of course not as good as in London, as we don't really have that pub culture. In Sweden you have more bars than traditional pubs. But it's easier to find nice quality micro-brewed beer in Stockholm than in London. And the average cocktail is better than in London, LA and NYC.
But as I said in my earlier post about this subject, it's all about making good research before going here. Otherwise you will just end up going to pricey tourist traps that won't bring you quality or an experience of the true city.

For other Swedes the Stockholm inhabitants are seen as quite cocky. As somebody that is not born in Stockholm but moved here about 16-17 years ago, I don't agree. Stockholm attracts a lot of ambitious and creative people from all over Sweden, because most of the higher education and the best job market is here. I think it's these people that non-Stockholm inhabitants see as cocky. I think it's the Jante law that confuses ambition with cockiness because ambition is in contrast with the conservative "everything should be just the same as it's always have been and you should be just like everybody else-attitude" that this Jante-law brings to people's mindset.

Well, a lot of OT here. But bottom line is that Stockholm is not perfect, but I can't see much better places to live or visit if you want a quite vibrant city that gives you a great night life, sports, a lot of culture, beautiful sights and surroundings, close to nature and you can actually take a swim pretty much in the centre of the city. Did I mention the girls...?
It was just tounge in cheek since your posts came right after eachother. I agree with most of what you're saying. I won't be swayed when it comes to restaurants. Sure Stockholm has some fine michelin restaurants but if you wanna find a restaurant that doesn't leave you with an empty's rather easy to strike out. The average level isn't that great IMO.

I'm a moderat (conservative) so I am not a "jantelag" follower. However I would think it's Stockholmare calling the rest of the country "bönder" (farmers) that makes people think they are arrogant. I don't really think there are many people that really dislikes Stockholmare though, just friendly banter

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