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01-12-2013, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
That's some grade A petty jealousy right there.

"Man, I can't wait till he goes bankrupt so he comes crawling back. That'll show him!"

Is this a recurring fantasy for you?
No, I'm just stating the fact that we have in front of us a fully grown men whining about the fact that instead of making 4M$ next year he'll making a 100K$ or 200K$ less and that's just enough for throwing the towel and that the money is just not there to keep playing.

I loved Erik's energy last year he was one of the only good points about the last season. But he's only 34yrs old and we're going into a shortened 48 games season, now he's saying he wants to retire cause of the PA's deal wasn't good enough?

w.t.f is that? it's outright nonsensical 'I don't know the value of money' talk.

I said by what means will retiring better his situation?

If he came out saying I want to retire cause I want to concentrate of my kids and other things in life, that's ok... But he didn't!

he said that the new CBA deal just isn't enough for him, so I say alright retire I hope you'll one day know the value of money.

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