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Originally Posted by Profet View Post
Yeah the Rangers sure screwed him by continuing to fill his wallet with undeserved money.

No one forced him to sign that contract.
Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
How did they screw him? They gave him a huge, undeserved contract and he managed to play his way into the AHL on a team that was lacking defensive depth for a while. The Rangers didn't send him to the minors to spite him, they did it because he wasn't a viable NHL defensemen anymore.
Originally Posted by Championship View Post
If that's the case then Wade is more than welcome to not report and void his contract and go sign with those teams. Otherwise he can wait till the summer till he gets his buy out.
Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
I hate golden parachutes. The reason above all that Wade wound up in the AHL was he could no longer compete for a job at the NHL level.
Wade Redden hasn't been ALLOWED to participate in Rangers training camp for three seasons.

As for an "undeserved" contract...

Redden had just finished 16th in Norris voting and 17th in AS voting when he signed the deal. Two years prior he was 5th in Norris voting and 6th in AS voting. The season before that? 10th/10th. Redden was a legitimate star defenseman. And that's crossing the 2005 lockout; he might well have earned an AS berth had the lockout not occurred.

And for "not competing at the NHL level" Redden scored ES points at a higher rate per 60 seconds in his last NHL season than teammate Michal Rosival, while also playing a more key role on the PK. Redden was the #5 ahead of Gilroy based on ice time, but was told not to come to camp the next season and every year following to this date.

How exactly did Redden play himself out? He was playing more at the end of the year than at the beginning; in 11 of his last 15 games he played above his season average. In 7 he was at least 60 seconds above, 6 for 90 seconds, and 3 for a full two minute gap.

It was also Torts' first season in New York. Perhaps there's more to it than "Redden wasn't good enough."

Especially when you look at things like the fact that the Rangers wouldn't have been able to add Richards without burying Redden. It's much more about Sather deciding that Redden isn't giving him back what he paid for (a Norris contender) and deciding that he needs to go out and use that money on someone else. If there were no cap, Redden would be playing in the NHL this season and the past couple. But with the new cap rules, he might play this year and will definitely play next year.

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