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01-12-2013, 02:13 AM
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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
This is incorrect. He does not score garbage goals. Holmstrom scored garbage goals. Franzen plays a perimeter game; he generally doesn't go to the front. That's why Bertuzzi was on the line. Or Cleary.

Never uses it. He plays like he's 5-9, 175.

HA. No, he gets a reputation as a floater because he doesn't work hard on the ice. As for stepping it up, he has simply failed to do o the past two playoffs and was one of the team's most ineffective players last playoff.

He is perfectly capable of defensive play and showed that when he played the role of checking center. But when he moved to the wing and moved into a scoring role, he simply gave up on his defensive responsibilities. He doesn't even give an effort in his own zone.

He hasn't spent the majority of a season without Datsyuk as his "regular" center since 2008-09, when he played with Zetterberg and Cleary and the first line was Holmstrom/Datsyuk/Hossa.

He was named the Mule because he was actually working hard. He does not now live up to his nickname; he's better called the Jackass with the way he has played the past couple of seasons. Many Wings fans like to excuse his lazy, inconsistent play in the regular season with "he'll show up in the playoffs and be a huge performer." Well, he hasn't done that. What's the excuse? Franzen once upon a time was a defensive player, so clearly he knows how to play defense? Val Filppula was not so great defensively at ES last year either, playing from the wing. In the past he has been a quite capable defensive center.
Completely and utterly wrong on every point. Franzen first broke out taking Holmstroms spot scoring garbage goals and deflecting... That was how he became a scorer (due to a holmstrom injury) I wont even waste time with the rest of your garbage. Do you even watch the red wings?

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