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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
Bettman's the only one to lose an entire season, not to mention 2 additional half seasons. Sorry, that is a HORRIBLE track record for less than 20 years. Total games lost is not even close. No other sports commissioner has come close to incurring the level of wrath Bettman has, from both fans and players. A commissioner should be a figure of respect. Outside of a handful of greedy owners, no one in the game respects Gary Bettman.
Lots of fans don't respect Selig, Stern, Or Roger Goodell. Hell some Football fans are already calling for Goodell to be fired(Saints bounty scandell that the league got wrong).

Also turning the NFL into a cupcake league for QB's (player safety)

Bettman is not the only Commish people are calling to be fired.

NBA fans have wanted Stern fired back in 1998. Since have called for him to be fired every year.

Baseball Fans Despise Selig, he has turned that League into a Non parity Welfare league. Baseball might be the first sports league bubble to pop.

Baseball fans better pray to god the Yankee's/Redsox(and about Five other teams) never have any financial downturn; Cause those teams subsidize the entire league.

The World series in the only Championship game that has seen it's ratings decrease consistently over the last decade.

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