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01-12-2013, 02:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
Bettman's the only one to lose an entire season, not to mention 2 additional half seasons. Sorry, that is a HORRIBLE track record for less than 20 years. Total games lost is not even close. No other sports commissioner has come close to incurring the level of wrath Bettman has, from both fans and players. A commissioner should be a figure of respect. Outside of a handful of greedy owners, no one in the game respects Gary Bettman.
No one? Not one person? That's a pretty definite statement.

Didn't baseball cancel a World Series? To me, that's just as bad as losing an entire season.

And as far as hockey goes, you have to factor in the fact that it just doesn't get the TV contracts the other sports get. TV contracts make all the difference, just ask the NFL.

I think your statement is far to definitive to carry merit. There are a lot factors that go into the success or failure of leagues and teams within the league. One would also have to believe that being a commissioner of a sport that just isn't all that popular is quite a challenge in its own right.

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