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01-12-2013, 03:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
Rewind to the all-around ass kicking the Flyers gave the Stanley Cup favorite pens in the 1st round last year.

Letang can't control himself and beats on Timmonen
Neal blatantly attempts to injure a 19 year old because he's frustrated
Asham attacks Schenn after a questionable hit

on and on...

I am not in favor of retribution at the expense of wins BUT...

I really, really hope both Schenns, Rinaldo, Hartnell, Grossman, Coburn - hell everybody - finishes every check on James Neal. What he did to Couturier was awful. He blatantly ran at him so late and targeted his head. He should not be playing next week - should have gotten at least 5 games.

Asham - not a big deal - was kind of sticking up for a teammate
Letang - not a big deal - it was a fight at least and worked out in the Flyers advantage

Neal? *******. Total ******* move. I don't want anybody to get injured but I would love to see him man up and fight somebody for what he did - and lose badly. Not that he would necessarily lose because he's not a wuss or anything. I'd like to see Hartnell break his nose.

Cannot wait until next Saturday.

I know you said on and on.., but you forgot the one that really ****ed us over

Our D wasn't the same after this one, hoping Grossmann has Malkin level douchbaggary up his sleeve and really nails him.

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