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01-12-2013, 03:16 AM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Legion, if you are serious about being commish I'd love that. Although I believe that before any veto's are trading parties should be allowed to explain themselves. That's normally the way it works if there is no veto system in place.
Yeah man, you're worn out with dealing with all of our **** - myself included.

I'll take the heat. You've done enough. Thank you, Josh.

I don't disagree with that. I obviously would not "veto" off of the bat, right? Question, find out the reasoning on both sides, reach a conclusion. I've got a penis dude!

4. Remember this is for fun. Don't take anything personally. Fantasy hockey is not a direct correlation to you as a person. Are we clear?

5. Smack talk encouraged. I just makes it so much better when they have to admit defeat, right winners? Oh yeah, I've humbled myself many a time. But it is all good.

6. If you haven't played before, but yet want to, let me divide things up into levels such as nhl, ahl, and chl or ncaa. Let me put you into the group to as where you would estimate how much time you will spend. Automatically, if you haven't played before, you will be put in a chl league, I'll be a coach more than a participant so that next season you'll know what you are doing and can find the right league for you.

Why? Because it is no fun to realize that you *did* draft a FH team, and when you remember, go back and look, and you're already out of it. Everyone wants a shot. Your shot depends on how active you are.

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