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Originally Posted by Morozov View Post
He hasn't not been around though, they've showed him week by week doing his training at OVW

I don't get how a post ago you were talking about how you haven't watched often and you were asking for someone to tell you what has happened with that angle, now suddenly you are in a position to be talking about how it has lost a lot of its steam but whatever.

He got kidnapped by Aces and Eights, eventually after he was freed he wanted a piece of them, he unmasked Gallows, Gallows messed him up, then he had a match with Gallows and lost. Then he wanted to be able to wrestle again and Hulk said no because he's a lawyer not a wrestler and he had to train, so then off to training he went which they documented week by week showing him at OVW with him training and being terrible until he mistakenly got cut open and then when he started bleeding he flipped out and started being good because that's his shtick.
I see. I typically just catch bits and pieces of the show each week. I didn't realize they were showing him each week at "wrestling school", I thought he was just off TV for that time, so that's why it seemed to me like the angle was losing steam (because I hadn't seen him in a while). I'm curious to see how they continue the angle moving forward because I think it has the potential to be one of the more interesting ones of recent memory.

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