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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Originally at the draft I was thinking a smarter nastier Willie Mitchell as a decent comparaison for Trouba (Mitchell's offensive game is underrated, he has a good shot and decent first pass)...but now I think his upside is quite a bit higher.

The one that got thrown out there recently was Shea Weber, and I totally see it. Trouba's shot has gotten way better, his skating is improving by leaps and bounds (not that it was every ever close to a concern, but saying it's impressed me), and he's done it without sacrificing his defensive game. One important thing to remember that at the WJC it was big ice, so you didn't see him grind or even go after big hits much, but that's the part of his hockey smarts, he can adjust his game. His first pass was very smooth, and he is almost always in control, makes the big hit but rarely puts himself out of position to do it.

Weber gets the headlines for his hits and shots, but he is actually a very solid defensive player as well, might get more credit this year now that he will be forced to play a little more defensive with Suter (it wasn't that couldn't but he didn't need to with the rock Suter beside him), although Weber will have a guy I am very high on beside him as a solid defensive guy again this year (Roman Josi).

Now, saying he has Weber upside might be tough shoes to fill, and it will take plenty of refinement at the NHL level to get there, but I think he has that kind of ultimate upside. Right now his maximum potential level is higher than Bogosian's, IMO, but that's just his top end potential, he could still bust, or anywhere in between. Of course Bogosian is a proven top 4 guy already, so not saying Trouba>Bogo or anything.

Defensemen are notouriously hard to predict. To examples I can think of just off the top of my head are Ladislav Smid and Tim Gleason. Both were drafted as skating offensive defensemen, both changed their games when it became apparent that that was not going to work for them at the NHL level, now both are shutdown guys, Gleason in particular with a mean streak (he was viewed as soft, IIRC, in junior).
Thanks great post

I agree Weber seems like the closest comp and it is who Teouba compares himself to style wise as well. I agree it is tough to project defenders but Trouba had a mature and seasonsed feel at the WJC as an 18 year old player that said to me "this prospect feels very safe to be a top 4 NHL defender and he feels likely to discover his high end". Jacob just gave off a vibe that had me crossing my fingers less than any prospect we have in our system.

I guess what i am trying to articulate is that with any prospect there is always a confidence to hope ratio and with Trouba and I don't feel like I need much faith and hope I feel the question is when more than if.

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