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01-12-2013, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Jafar View Post
If Cole retires , it is actually a fantastic contract we gave him in retrospective.Part of the contract was gambling on his last two years and giving him a lot of money despite his eventual age.If he does quit , we'll have profit from his two years where he was still under 35.I'm not sure exactly why people are so upset?

It is his personal life , his 13 years old (or so) daughter might have some problem here , you never know what is going on in the family.All kind of ****.If his wife and daughter aren't happy for some reasons or he thinks his daughter will turn out better at another school in another city , it might be best for his own private life to quit if the money isn't a problem.

People are so defensive it's unbelievable.This is nothing personal against the Montreal Canadiens.Why exactly should a man sacrifice his private life to play for the Montreal Canadiens? If he's willing to sacrifice 8 million then maybe these private issues are truly important to him , and I don't understand why people can't respect that.It seems the habs fans think the players owe them everything.It's his life , respect this.Can we say he didn't give his all when he was on the ice?! He scored 35 goals ffs.Be grateful.
You are missing the point entirely.

He said he thinks everyone should quit after reading the CBA. He also said it was a sacrifice to play here, and that schools were crap.

Now, he can have whatever opinion he wants to have. But if it's ******** stuff like that, he should keep it to himself and not create controversy needlessly. Also no middle class people want to hear about how this terrible CBA will make him a slave. After a long lockout like this these type of comments are insulting at best.

It's this little thing called common sense which he apparently lacks in even the smallest of amounts.

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